Best Hiking Apps For iPhones and Smart Phones

Hiking Apps for the iPhone and Android Smart Phone 

Your hiking pack is finally optimized:  just the right number of elements for hiking safety and camping comfort. Well, maybe not completely optimized. You may have to add just one more thing: the hiking app.

Fortunately, it takes up space measured in bytes and not cubic centimeters and pounds. So, with space to spare in your phone, what are your choices? What app should you consider for your phone download.

Below is a compilation of insights on some the latest hiking apps available for your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Camping and Hiking Apps for the Apple iPod: Using the iTouch or

If you’re not afraid of damaging the delicate iPod Touch or iPhone while enjoying the outdoors on a camping trip or multi-day hike, there are a number of useful Apps.

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Tripleblaze App: iPhone and Android || camping and hiking blog post covering news and reviews around the outdoors world. From, updated daily.

New AppGuide: Hiking Apps

Hikers may want to bring along their iPhone for the next big adventure into the wilderness. There are some fantastic hiking apps and many of them can be used offline. You may want to invest in a waterproof iPhone case if you are a

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Apps for your smart phone to help when you’re on the trail with hiking, biking and camping…

Top 10 iPhone Hiking Apps | TheAppWhisperer

When you go for a hike nowadays you most probably will be taking your iPhone with you. To make the activity even more eventful, make sure you have one, or perhaps several of these absolutely excellent hiking apps on your

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REI posted an article that contained a list of helpful Hiking Apps. It’s funny how connected we are to our technology, even when we try to escape to the great outdoors. However, hiking apps that help you find trails and track

Here are the“most popular” hiking apps at Amazon

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